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En ti.

La letra:

I'm into you I gotta feeling we are gonna win
our bodies make it perfect
and your eyes can make me swim

then again everything seems new
I can barely hold my tongue
to say the least I'm into you

and our eyes
are saying more than we can talk and warmer than our bedroom sport
and your thighs are kisses from the outside, girl thats all i need

I'll take you down the other road
to breathe in something more

I'll find it harder to ignore
the things I want you for

I know you don't want
I love you can sing
the music was at the start
dododododo dododododo dodo

the rhythm was all
I needed to hear
a woman can treat my heart
dododododo dododododo dodo

when I press an ear up to your breast
I can hear the rhythm start
it's hard to tell our beats apart

so I hope your listening right now
cause I can barely hold my tongue
the shit we do could warm the sun

at night
twisted in a melting fall and sleeping with the scratching claws
and your words
let me know your feeling me and seeing all the things I …

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